Labor law and Social Security Law

Our firm has a longstanding experience in labor law, assisting French and international companies and groups.

We assist our clients on a daily basis in all areas concerning labor law and in the management of their HR projects, in particular as concerns:

  1. Day-to-day HR management of employment relationships, from recruitment to execution and termination of the employment contract
  2. The establishment and the structuring of a company in France (drafting bilingual employment contracts, determination of the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement…)
  3. The evolution of the organization of the company or of the Group
  4. The daily compliance with complementary welfare coverage and health and safety at work
  5. Preventing and managing psycho-social risks and the related employer criminal liability
  6. The organization of social and compliance audits (management of employees’ personal data, cybersurveillance, ethics alerts, whistleblowing etc…)
  7. Labor relationships and in particular with employees’ representatives and unions (assistance with elections, information consultation proceedings, and in the framework of negotiating collective agreements concerning work hours, restructuring, staff representatives, methods agreements etc…)
  8. Organization and assistance in the framework of mergers and acquisitions, termination of employment agreement of executive officers, transfer of businesses or sub-contracting
  9. Representing clients throughout France in their proceedings before Labor Courts, Social Security Courts and Criminal Courts
  10. Assistance in URSSARF investigations and claims
  11. Litigation relating to liabilty for occupational accidents and diseases

Our firm also has extensive experience, advising on international professional mobility matters.