The firm assists clients in all areas related to taxes and wealth management:

  1. Purchase and sale or restructuring of companies
  2. Complex financing or re-financing
  3. Tax issues related to foreign companies or foreign investors in France
  4. Audits of companies or individuals by tax authorities
  5. Tax litigation, letter rulings
  6. Real estate taxes for residents and non-residents of France.

The firm has also developed expertise in working with non-profits: French or foreign associations, trade associations, public entities.

We work with shareholders or management of French or foreign companies to assist with: creation of, and tax planning for family companies, developing share transfer plans, changes in tax residency, tax compliance, benefits packages, tax and social security issues related to retirement…

The firm also works with individuals who are not French residents but have French-source income or assets located in France.

In particular, we have long experience with advising and litigating in the area of cross-border inheritance issues.

We have developed reknown for our work in off-shore investment planning, in particular in relation to the French overseas territories including French Polynesia and New Caledonia.