Litigation and arbitration

We represent our clients in French civil, commercial and administrative courts and in international arbitration courts .

In particular, we advise in the following areas:

  • Contract liability litigation  in connection with a termination or breach of  contract, a breakdown in negotiations or warranty claims;
  • Tort litigation including unfair competition claims;
  • Industrial litigation related to product liability and industrial risk, and management of related expert valuation opinions;
  • Corporate litigation, including shareholder disputes, abuse of minority or majority rights, officers’ liability, enforcement of warranties and post-acquisition  disputes;
  • Real estate litigation, including constructor liability and commercial leases;
  • Labor and employment litigation, including collective and individual disputes, and French social security law matters;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Civil  enforcement procedures, including protective and  enforcement measures, as well as enforcement of judgments;

The cases we handle mainly involve foreign clients and issues related to private international law. Our knowledge of  other legal systems (including common law) allows us to appropriately advise clients in developing a strategy both during the pre-litigation stage and when litigation is pending or already active.

Our knowledge of the industries involved, combined with an understanding of our clients’ business needs and command of the relevant legal issues, means that we can provide  the experienced advice needed to handle complex commercial and tax litigation.

In addition, we assess litigation risks and provide alternative mediation solutions when possible.  When the situation calls for it, we have the fortitude and drive to defend the interests of our clients in court.   However, we are  also sensitive to the need, in many instances, to resolve disputes amicably and in particular, when there is a need  to  preserve the parties’ business relationships.


  • Anaëlle PERON